Offmore Primary School

Year 5 - Kestrels



Welcome to Kestrels page!

Welcome to Kestrels - our teacher is Miss Palmer and our teaching assistant is Mrs Harrell. 


We are expected to work hard in Kestrels in everything we participate in and rewards will be provided in several ways i.e. prizes, Class Dojos and learning powers.

Children are expected to read at least 3 times a week. Reading is an important part of children’s learning and will have many positive benefits, for example, improving the children’s writing, spelling and ability to think of creative ideas. The children’s reading diaries need to be signed by a parent/ sibling/ relative to show that they have read. Those children who have read will have their names put into a raffle box. At the end of every week, a child's name will be picked out of the box and they will receive a reward from the amazing reward box. Additionally, every month, one child will have their name drawn out of the box and will receive a larger, fantastic prize. 

Spellings are set on a Monday and are tested on the following Monday. These spellings will link to the National Curriculum word list, the topic for the term and the words the children are looking at in the No Nonsense Spelling programme we are using. If children are able to get all their spellings correct, they can receive a Class Dojo point for their Sensational Spelling!


Homework is set on Google Classroom which the children can engage with. It will be set on a Friday and will be due in on a Wednesday. 

Times Tables 

Children need to be practicing their times tables. This can be through logging onto their Times Table Rockstars account as well as playing several games online. I have my own profile on there so the children are able to challenge me to a game if they wish! If the children wanted to have a bit of a sing and dance whilst practicing their times tables then there are lots of different times tables songs on the BBC SuperMovers website. Every week the children in my Maths class receive a times table test to see how they are getting on; if they can beat their score from the previous weeks, they can receive a Class Dojo point. 

Rewards will be given to those children who engage with Times Table Rockstars. Children will receive a ticket in the raffle box each day they go on Times Table Rockstars between Monday - Friday. For example, if they engage with it on Monday, they will receive one ticket. If they go on every day, Monday - Friday, they will receive five tickets. On a Monday, three names will be drawn out of the box and they can receive a prize from the prize box.  


P.E. lessons are on a Wednesday and Friday in Kestrels and children are required to wear P.E. kit. Earrings must be removed, and long hair tied back. At the moment, P.E. is taking place outside therefore children need to ensure they dress appropriately and dress warm. 

Our Topics

Autumn 2020 - RACE TO SPACE

This term the children are learning about Space! They will be learning lots of fascinating information about space. For example, the names and information relating to the planets within our solar system, what the International Space Station (ISS) is and the purpose of it, the different phases of the moon, the history of space travel as well as lots of other facts and information. 

Here is the curriculum map for our 'Race to Space' topic. 

In Art, we have been exploring the brilliant work of a man called Peter Thorpe. The children have been recreating Peter Thorpe's work using a range of different mediums. They have recreated his Rocket #9 painting using paints and have also created some super collage pieces, with a rocket in the foreground, inspired by him and his style. 

In our Science sessions, we have been exploring space, magnets and forces. Here are some pictures of some of the incredible practical activities and investigations that the children have been partaking in! They have:

- become planets within the solar system to understand the distance between the planets

- looked at magnets and how they attract and repel

- investigated the relationship between mass and weight

- created their own constellations using marshmallows and pasta

 In History, the children looked at the history of space travel and created their own timelines showing these events in chronological order!

As part of Maths Week England, the children participated in a range of maths based activities such as solving problems, maths backwards bingo outside as well as going outside to see what maths they could see outside. They looked outside and wrote their own maths questions e.g. 'How many leaves are in the tree?', 'How long would it take me to run from one end of the playground to the other?' and 'What is the perimeter of the P.E. shed?'