Offmore Primary School

Welcome Letter

Year 4 - Woodpeckers

A warm welcome to Woodpeckers! This web page will give you lots of information about what we are up to in class, as well as details of our daily routines, PE days and other useful information. 

PE Days - Monday and Wednesday.

Please bring your reading diary into school every Monday and Thursday.



Our Topics

Summer 2021 The Rampaging Romans Continue!

This term we will continue with our topic The Rampaging Romans. Building on our knowledge of life in Ancient Roman times and what the Romans brought the Britain, we now turn our attention to Pompeii and some explosive goings on! We will be working on the book Escape from Pompeii, and learning all about volcanoes in geography. In art, we will look closely at the Ancient Roman mosaics found in Pompeii, and use different techniques to create our own mosaic art pieces. 


Finally, we will become roving reporters, creating our own Ancient Roman Newsround, reporting on the events in Ancient Pompeii and looking at how we can learn from them today. 

Spring 2021 The Rampaging Romans!

This term we will be learning all about Ancient Rome. Using our skills as Offmore historians, we will research the life of the Ancient Romans,  looking at their towns and cities, their inventions, and what they ate. Using our geography skills, we will track the Roman Empire as it expanded across Europe and look at the invasion through the eyes of different people including The Celts.


We will learn all about the Roman army and put our DT skills to the test by designing and making our own Roman shields. 

Autumn  2020 / Walk a Mile Down the Nile!


This term we are very excited to be learning all about Egypt! We'll begin by looking at modern day Egypt - the geography, landmarks, major cities, climate, and animals. Then we will become explorers and immerse ourselves into the world of the Ancient Egyptians! What will we discover? 


Here is our curriculum map to show you what we will be covering...