Offmore Primary School


At Offmore Primary School we believe in children having high expectations of their own behaviour.  The importance of values and good manners, where children say please and thank you and where they hold doors open for adults and each other are important.  We have very high expectations for behaviour; in the classrooms, during lessons, at playtimes, during assemblies and around the school.

Successful learning behaviour is integral to all that we do around school and in all our classes. Our approach to learning ensures that lessons keep children engaged and excited and through our learning culture our children are able to maintain their focus and challenge themselves; pushing barriers and exceeding expectations. The children have their learning powers celebrated throughout their work and these are also reflected in the house points that are given out for positive learning attitudes. 

You will see these around school.

Our core value- RESPECT

 At offmore our core value is respect. We show this in many different ways.

  • We will speak politely and respectfully to adults and our peers.
  • We will respect our playground and resources.
  • We will present our work with pride.
  • We will respect our local community and celebrate the place we live in.
  • We respect our right to education and the drive for ambition that it brings.

In our classroom you will find our Respect value cards where we are rewarded special respect stickers for showing all that is stated above.













Exceptional behaviour and respect for each other enables all of our children to learn effectively.  By providing a safe and supportive environment our children are able to grow and develop exploring aspects of friendship as they grow and mature.  We encourage our children to be thoughtful, respectful and considerate in the behaviour choices they make and we pride ourselves on their politeness. We encourage everyone to have impeccable manners and to always show respect towards others. 

Through school we have the same central expectations for our behaviour we call these our 'Offmore values' These values are rewarded through the use of the class dojo which is a direct line of communication with parents so parents can continue the praise at home. 

  • We always show good manners and respect everyone.
  • We always follow instructions and listen carefully.
  • We are always sensible and make the right choices.
  • We always do our best.
  • We are always a good sport,are kind and play safely.
  • We look after our own, each other's and school equipment.

If a child's behaviour is not acceptable, they will have a dojo removed from their individual profile and the reason for this will be made clear to both themselves and parents. We always give the child opportunity for discussion but they are very clear about what the expectations are as they are constantly shared, are displayed in the classroom and are integral to our curriculum.

 Our school behaviour policies


Offmore Behaviour Policy inc. Anti-Bullying Policy