Offmore Primary School

Offmore Working Together

We enjoy learning about the wider world and like to get involved in a variety of fundraising days and events.

Silent Night - in sign

World Book Day 2020




Times Table Rock Stars Launch






  Eco Day



Key Stage One designed and created their own plant pot label and then planted a green bean to grow at home.


Comic Relief


CRAZZZZYYYYY hair day!!! We had great fun on Red Nose Day with our wild and wacky hair dos!

World Book Day



Reception were very creative showing their chosen word with amazing outfits! We had some very aspirational words!


Vocabulary Parade in Key Stage One was a raging success. The children really pulled the stops out with creating costumes to reflect their word.

NSPCC Number Fun Day



   Reception explored numbers in a variety of ways.


Numbers all around in Key Stage One! The children were investigating their chosen number on Number Day. It really got their brains thinking hard.

Two very 'calculating' young ladies!

Bedtime Stories and Film Night


Great Gables enjoying a relaxed pyjama day reading and sharing their favourite stories.